The pre-stressed concrete can be used in a multiplicity of structural contexts:

Flat slabs
  • Bi-flexion structures
  • Flat slabs resting on columns
  • With or without drop caps
  • Spans of 7.0m to 12.0 m, for current cases.
  • 16.0m with use of broad drop panels
Slab band girder structures
  • Pre-stressed beams in the direction of the largest span
  • Pre-stressed slabs in the orthogonal direction
  • grid: 6.0m x 12.0m with 9.0m x 16.0m
Lightened floors
  • Mono or bi-directional structures
  • Spans of 10.0m to 15.0m, for current cases
  • Hollowing by blocks of polystyrene or standard commercial modules, cobiax, bubbledeck, airdeck, Uboot, etc.
Ribbed or waffle slabs
  • Mono or bi-directional structures
  • Spans of 10.0m to 15.0m
Floors on precast slab elements
  • Combinations of traditional applications of pre-stressed concrete, with traditional solutions of prefabrication in Western Europe.
Transfer beams
  • Transfer beams for structure load
  • Large spans and/or big loads
Transfer slabs
  • Load transfer slabs of “randomly” laid out structures
  • Large spans and/or big loads
Pre-stressed walls
  • Pre-stressed beam-walls
  • Limitation and control of the deformations
Pre-stressed silos
  • Controlling tensile stresses of hoops
  • Controlling cracking at reduced cost
  • Large spans
  • Reduced slenderness ratio
Concrete slabs
  • Waterproof
  • Reduced thicknesses

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