The quality of our work goes through a rigorous work methodology which adapts to the various stages of each project and which makes it possible to meet the needs of our partners.

Each file is followed up in-house by a binomial of engineers and two designers. This organisation enables us to provide internal control of design and plans.

Daily contacts with other partners of the project (Project owner, architect, construction site, etc.) are managed by one of the engineers.

Our services are staged in several phases whose contents are detailed below: outline, preliminary design, project/tender, execution studies, and technical follow-up.


We attach a lot of importance to this first phase of study, which depends on the satisfactory progress of the continuation of the studies for all intervening entities.

  • Analysis of operation of the structure
  • Locate the particular elements
  • Analyse various structural solutions
  • Structural choice in dialog with Project owner and Architect
  • Essential choices for the continuation of the project


Preliminary Design

  • Structural load calculation
  • Pre-calculation of each element of the structure
  • First version of the plans of formwork and the foundation
    • plan view of each level (1%)
    • information on dimensions of all the principal elements
    • presentation of some principal sections

Project - tender documents

  • Final structural load model
  • Designing of the geometry of each structural element
  • Formwork and foundation plans
    • plan view of each level (2%)
    • quotations
    • classification of the elements
    • sections and details of all structural elements (beams, special nodes.)
  • Specifications
  • Measurement of quantities

Execution design

  • Calculation of the reinforcements
  • Plans of reinforcements, including order form
  • Checking the feasibility of the nodes

Follow-up of building site

  • Participation in the building site meetings
  • Specific building site visits
  • Assistance in resolving problems on building sites

Inspection of building site (optional mission)

  • Detailed verification of execution
  • Detailed checking of reinforcements
  • Frequent construction site visits

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